VAT & Tax

VAT & Tax


VAT reporting in a regular necessity for many businesses.
AccountsPal can help by producing and submitting these returns on your behalf.  We can also offer assistance in highlighting the most suitable scheme for you.  We can assist with any VAT scheme, including:
  • Standard VAT scheme
  • Cash based accounting scheme
  • Flat rate scheme
  • Annual accounting scheme
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual returns

Business Tax

All businesses, regardless of their setup will require some form of tax return at the end of each year.  For sole traders this will normally be a self assessment (see below), but for other structures such as partnerships & limited companies you may also have also have further returns to file.  AccountsPal can assist you with these return, the main types or returns being:
  • Corporation tax 
  • Partnership tax
  • Capital allowances

Self Assessments

Do you need help with your self assessment?  Every year more and more individuals are needing to submit a self assessment and many of those individuals turn to practices like AccountsPal to calculate & submit those returns.

Our self assessment service is fixed price, set at £150+VAT for the 2015/16 tax year.  Please get in touch if you need any advice or assistance.
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